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Philpott Demolition is a renowned firm of experienced demolition engineers, fearlessly taking on the challenges that others avoid. With an extensive range of techniques at our disposal, we guarantee the fastest, safest, and most environmentally friendly recovery of our clients’ sites, regardless of the initial conditions.

Our exceptional work standards have earned us widespread recognition, specialising in demolition and additional services such as soft strip-outs and waste disposal. Our comprehensive demolition packages can be tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, serving quarry companies, councils, hospitals, land developers, and the general public for smaller projects.

As professionals in our field, we operate nationwide with our extensive range of cutting-edge plant and equipment. Our commitment is to deliver safe, efficient, and competitively priced services while strictly adhering to project timelines and budgets. Health and safety are the core principles guiding our every action.

Our expertise lies in various areas, including quarry remediation, commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, airfields, chimneys, shop premises, warehouses, private houses, concrete structures, and any other structures in need of demolition. Trust Philpott Demolition for your most challenging projects.

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Experience hassle-free planning for your demolition project with Philpott Demolition. As industry experts, we provide reliable and professional demolition services nationwide. Whether you need a simple brick building demolished or intricate operations to dismantle concrete and steel structures, our skilled team has got you covered. Contact us now to receive a complimentary quotation tailored to your specific needs. Let us handle your demolition project with utmost safety and efficiency.

We specialise in the following areas:

Building Solutions for Every Project: From SoftStrip to Dismantling, Recycling & Reclamation, Asbestos Removal, and Concrete Crushing & Scrap Processing, our comprehensive range of services ensures impeccable execution for projects of any scale or complexity.

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Trust our experts to safely and efficiently bring down any structure, from small buildings to large-scale projects.


Our skilled team specialises in meticulously stripping out interiors, leaving the space ready for the next phase of renovation or construction.


With precision and expertise, we dismantle concrete and steel structures, ensuring a careful and controlled process from start to finish.

Recycling & Reclamation

We prioritise sustainability by effectively recycling and reclaiming materials during the demolition process, minimising waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Asbestos Removal

Using our approved, HSE fully licensed, certified professionals to safely remove hazardous asbestos materials, ensuring a healthy and compliant environment.

Concrete Crushing & Scrap Processing

Utilising advanced equipment and techniques, we expertly crush concrete and process scrap materials, facilitating efficient recycling and disposal solutions.

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